Sooo fluffy! Snuggle up and play

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The little cats in the video are so fluffy that you would love to hug and chug them all day. They can be seen at the age of four to six weeks, how they cuddle and romp with their big brother, play with balls and let their favorite people rub their bellies. Sooo cute!

In the beginning, the tiny pompoms lie with their big brother and nestle very nicely against their babysitter. The next step is to climb a hiking backpack like a mountain. Cuddle lesson with the two-legged friends is announced later, before the cuddly kittens make themselves comfortable on the carpet. A black ball of velvet has taken a liking to a silver pompom ball that it plays with to its heart's content.

After a delicious milk meal, it's time to play with the siblings. The big brother of the Fellnäschen naturally wants to participate. At the end there are some cute photos of the cuddly toys that came to new families a few weeks later. Simply to love!

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