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Cats prefer to decide for themselves what they want to eat - a tablet is usually not one of them. How do you get your cat to take her medication regularly? Giving cats a pill is not that easy - Shutterstock / De Jongh Photography

If you try to give your cat a pill, you usually have to face a tough fight. Nevertheless, it is important to remain patient and sensitive, otherwise the fluffy patient will refuse to swallow the medicine.

Keep calm and avoid stress

Remember that your mood is easily transferred to your cat. If you are nervous about having to give your cat a pill, she will feel tension and will conclude that the drug is dangerous. It's best to pretend that giving your cat a pill is the most normal thing in the world. Then stay relaxed and relaxed so that your miez realizes that the medication is not a bad thing.

Basic rules for a healthy cat

Cat owners want their kitty to stay fit and happy for a long time. So that a ...

Mix the tablet under the feed

There are basically two ways to give your cat a pill. The first option is the "cheat method", in which you mix the medication with the food or hide it in a treat. However, be sure to ask your veterinarian for advice beforehand, because some medications change or lose their effect in combination with fat or other nutritional components.

You can also ask your vet whether you can shred the tablet before you mix it with the food. In this way, the drug can be hidden even better. With a mortar or the back of a tablespoon, you can crumble the tablet and then mix the powder with your cat's favorite food. Otherwise, the pill can be hidden in a liver sausage or meatballs, hidden in unsalted canned tuna without oil and pressed into a treat. Make sure your cat eats up the prepared meal completely.

Administer cat tablet directly

If the cat has seen through your cheating method or the tablet must not be combined with cat food, you must give the velvet paw the medicine directly. Sit quietly next to her and stroke her. Then hold the head of your kitty and gently press against the cheek of the cat.

As soon as it opens its mouth, put the tablet in it and keep the cat's mouth carefully closed. Gently run your finger along the chin and neck of your cat to trigger its swallowing reflex and swallow the tablet. If that doesn't work, you can try a pill dispenser.

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