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Whether because of an accident or an illness - just like humans, there are also pets with disabilities. Disabilities such as deafness, blindness or paralysis not only pose a new situation to the animal, but also to you as the owner. As a person, however, you can make everyday life easier for your four-legged friend with simple means. "Lazy to move thanks to handicap? Why?" Thinks this dog - Shutterstock / Peter Kunasz

A handicap, regardless of the form, always involves a change for an animal. But animals with disabilities usually get along much better than it might initially appear to humans.

Pets are usually well prepared for disabilities

It can be said that animals are often better at dealing with new situations than humans because they are less concerned about them. A handicap is usually accepted more quickly - the joy of life of a dog that loses its eyesight due to an accident or an illness such as cataracts usually remains after the change.

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This is how you can support your pet

How you can support your disabled pet in everyday life depends on the type of disability. In any case, you should get good advice from your veterinarian. Depending on the handicap, you can also consider consulting an animal psychologist who can give valuable tips.

For pets like dogs with paralysis, there are also wheelchairs that can be specially adapted to the needs of the dog. Although these are unusual at first, they usually quickly become a practical aid that enables mobility for the animal. Blind dogs should be guided past broken glass, puddles or danger spots when walking. Cats that cannot see anything need a familiar, safe environment and can then move around freely. You should treat deaf animals with patience and sophisticated sign and body language. You can help your fur nose with almost any disability.

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