Dog run away: Will he find his way home on his own?

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The shock is deep when the dog has escaped. At the same time, a spark of hope may shimmer in the back of the head that the four-legged friend can find its way home on its own. After all, one hears and reads again and again of dogs, which after a long time are suddenly at the front door and are hugged by their overjoyed owners. "Where's my family?" Asks this dog in search of his home - Shutterstock / Mikadun

If the dog has run away, it can find its way back under certain circumstances. However, as a precaution, you should not rely on it, because every dog ​​is different. It also depends on the situation in which the dog escaped, if and when it returns. The following tips will help you put yourself in your four-legged friend and hopefully find it again soon.

Dog run away: how does it behave?

The behavior of your dog on its "flight" is influenced on the one hand by its personality and on the other hand by the circumstances that led to the dog escaping. When he is very scared and scared, your dog starts running without thinking. It may well be that he only calms down after a long distance of up to 30 kilometers. This can happen when your dog is very anxious and nervous. Even if your dog follows its hunting instinct and runs after prey, it initially forgets everything else around it.

If neither hunting instinct nor fear is the reason why your dog escaped, he usually instinctively tries to find his way back to the place where he was separated from his pack, i.e. his family and you. This is usually his behavior when he calms down after a hunt or a scare. However, his orientation becomes difficult because he has traveled such a long distance without paying attention to his surroundings. When trying to find your way back home or to you, dogs instinctively do everything they can to survive. This means that they seek protection when the weather is rough or they sense danger. When they get hungry, they go hunting and when thirsty they look for a watering hole. In addition, dogs often seek proximity to their peers, unless they have an anxiety disorder that makes them shy away from other dogs.

Find lost dog: 5 tips

If the dog has run away, you should do one thing above all: keep calm. In most cases…

When dogs find their way home

The best chance that your dog will find its way home on its own is if it has disappeared from home. If your dog escaped when you were walking or on vacation with him, he is more likely to return to where he last saw you. The closer he is to trying to make the return trip, the more likely he will come back on his own and the faster he will be back.

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