Why does my dog sleep with his head on me

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Why does my dog sleep with his head on me while I sleep?

He's usually very affectionate, and he follows me around all day (or at least he used to before his illness). He loves to sleep under the covers with me at night, and usually he likes to sleep with his head on me in bed. However, he's starting to become more and more nervous and hyper, and he sleeps next to me, but his head goes on me, as if he wanted to sleep on top of me. He also wakes up really cold in the morning, and sometimes he's cold in his fur, but not with just his head on me. What's up?

I don't sleep well enough, and I usually only get about 6-8 hours of sleep at night, and so I have to wake up at all sorts of random times, and he ends up sleeping on me while I sleep.

Why does my dog sleep with his head on me while I sleep?

My dog is 6 months old, and he has been a great little helper with my son (I am a single mom). He is always wanting to sleep in the bed with us, and it is usually me and my son who have to get up to feed or go to the bathroom at night, but with my dog being so sweet, I have to try and convince him to let us get some sleep. He's actually always slept this way.

Recently I've noticed that he's sleeping with his head on me at night, and I really don't like it. I wake up and he's already under the covers. If I try to move him to the other side, he ends up falling off the bed and onto the floor. I try to explain to him that I need my rest. I usually sleep well, and when I get up at night, I usually find him sleeping with his head on me. He won't budge.

If he's going to be that rude, I'm not going to spend time trying to teach him to sleep in the other side of the bed (if he's going to be that way). He doesn't seem to understand that my son is a baby, and he's still trying to teach him how to sleep. It's not fair to me to have to sleep and wake up to have to go feed my son, then go back to sleep and wake up again because the dog can't figure out that I need some sleep.

At this rate, I'll be lucky if my dog knows how to sit before my son goes to school.

What do you think? Should I stay with the dog's head on me, or should I put up some barriers and leave him on his own? Or is it time for me to put up the barriers?

Comments (5)

My dog is about a year old, and she likes to nap on me while I'm on the couch. I actually like it, because it helps me sleep. But, if she's not on my side, she'll move her head and snore at me. Not in a nasty way, but she'll still make a noise.

I've had people comment on how awful it sounds, and of course they don't want to wake up to a dog that's snoring. But, it's normal for dogs. You can always take a book and read it, or try to sleep with your eyes open. I know I don't mind sleeping with my eyes open. And I know the dog won't mind that.

I'd say at this age, you're best to just deal with it. Your dog has to learn to sleep on his own at some point.

But, my dog's like yours in that I have a little too much control when it comes to taking care of him.

My dog never snores. If he sleeps on me it's just because he loves to lay with me. He prefers to sleep with his paws under his chest, like mine, and his head on my shoulder.

My dog might get woken up by my cat, but it never really affects his sleep. Sometimes the cat will chase him and I'll give him a little smack, but that's about it.

I've been doing the baby on the couch thing for over a year now and it's fine. I never hear my dog making those noises, but some of my neighbours do. Sometimes, at the end of the night, I'll hear a deep snore-like noise from my dog. He loves to lie on my feet, right where I sleep.

My dog has very little energy, so when she's asleep she's completely content. I just make sure to turn on a fan if she snores too loudly. My neighbours will tell me to stop making noise.

It's a learning experience and I've heard that there's a sleep app for dogs! If you've got any sleep tips, share them with me!

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