How to groom a freshly neutered bitch

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After the operation, you should take good care of your castrated bitch so that she gets back on her feet as quickly as possible and wounds from the procedure heal well. Read here how you can help your dog. For a freshly neutered bitch, protection is the order of the day - Image: Shutterstock / lcswart

As a rule, you collect a neutered bitch from the veterinarian in the morning or at noon. Because the dog has to appear sober at the surgery, the practices like to put surgery appointments in the first half of the day. Be prepared for the fact that your four-legged friend is still shaky on his feet and does not really know what is happening to him - after all, the anesthetic is still in his bones. Therefore, transport your dog directly home and help her in the car and, if necessary, up the stairs.

Resting after the operation

At home it is time to take care: Your neutered dog probably just wants to sleep anyway. Therefore, prepare a warm, dark place on the floor for you, as dogs should freeze quickly after anesthesia and avoid jumping. Your dog is allowed to drink when he feels like it. With feeding, however, you should wait a while until the anesthetic has completely subsided.

Castrated bitch: This is how the wound heals

Rapid wound healing will be a top priority in the next few days. Usually a neutered bitch wears a body or a collar so that she cannot lick the wound. Make sure that you and other animal roommates never get to the place. Protect your dog after consultation with the doctor and better take her on a leash when walking. The patient is not allowed to romp around in the near future - this is especially true when she is out and about. After all, no dirt should get into the surgical wound. For the same reason, bathrooms are initially taboo.

Neutering a bitch: when is the right time?

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