Dog and baby: "Hey you, do we want to be friends?"

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"Whoops are you?" In this video, a dog and a baby take their first steps to get to know each other and who is prettier in the process is difficult to say.

The child-friendly dog ​​in this video seems to be a bit shy and prefers to look at his new friend upside down. When the baby bobs up at him, reaches out and touches him, he lies very well and seems to find that such a small person is not as bad as he might have thought at the beginning.

Then the Chihuahua-Dachshund mix jerks, turns and lovingly licks the baby's hand. As a thank you, the toddler strokes the dog's fingers astonishingly carefully over the head - well, if that already works so well, there is nothing wrong with these two becoming a real dream team.

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