6 fantastic dog beaches for holidays with your four-legged friend

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Your four-legged friend loves dog beaches and could romp around in and around the cool water all day long? Then plan your next vacation with your dog on the water. There are enough waters where dogs are welcome in Germany and its neighboring countries. Hui, that's fun! Two cute golden retriever puppies on the dog beach - Shutterstock / otsphoto

The North and Baltic Seas in particular offer plenty of dog beaches where your beloved pet can really let off steam. But the sea is not easy to reach for everyone. If you are closer to the south of Germany, Switzerland or Austria, you can also spend a holiday there on the dog beach where four-legged and two-legged friends feel equally at home.

Dog beaches in Germany: tips in the south

In the south of Germany, several dog beaches invite you to relax with your pet. The Untreusee in northern Bavaria, near the city of Hof in Upper Franconia, has its own dog bathing beach. All around, the picturesque Franconia with its gentle hilly landscape provides a wonderful backdrop.

Southern Bavaria also has numerous beaches where dogs are allowed. The Forggensee in Ostallgäu and the Dennenloher reservoir near Gunzenhausen promise relaxing bathing fun and lots of relaxation. So all you have to do is pack the right water toy and you're ready to go.

Lake Constance is one of the most popular holiday areas in the Republic. The smugglers' bay near Constance offers a real all-round package for families accompanied by four paws: several dog beaches and various accommodations in the area that welcome dogs round off the holiday together.

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Holidays with dogs in Switzerland and Austria

Lake Lucerne in Switzerland is not only a popular holiday destination for two-legged friends, water lovers on four paws are also very welcome here: dogs can splash and splash around on the lake and try out a lot of dog games for the beach. The area also has a picturesque, mountainous landscape and a warm, dry climate.

If you want to spend your next vacation in Austria, there are also many dog ​​beaches available, which are either fully or partially approved for four-legged friends. The Gaishorner See in Styria is just one example: In addition to playgrounds and other leisure activities for young people, water-loving dogs also get their money's worth here.

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